Thursday, May 10, 2012


WTU members who anticipate transitioning out of the military should apply for Social Security Disability as soon as their condition is diagnosed if they do not expect to return to your MOS within 12 months of being assigned to WTU. Earnings from the military will not count against you at SSA as long as you are unable to perform your MOS. SSAA Disability Insurance Benefits will only pay retroactively for 12 months prior to the month AFTER the month you Apply. For example, you are assigned to WTU 1/1/2009  and you wait to Apply for SSA-DIB until 1/2011; the maximum period SSA will only pay retroactive benefits  would be back to February 2010. All Wounded Warrior cases are to be handled in an expedited manner using the rules set for terminally ill Applicants . When you  Apply, your medical records will determine if you win; your records must explain who your condition limits your ability to work. It is usually best to have guidance in making Application and if you are Denied, a Representative can usually determine why  SSA is denying  you and help correct the incorrect information.

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